About Wealthora

We are a financial advisory company that serves the investing community by providing professional wealth and fund management services.

The founders and directors of Wealthora Company Limited have been driven by the need of professional wealth and fund management services – with the sole objective of assisting clients become financially prosperous.

The company was therefore formed to spearhead meaningful transformation for investors who invest in the capital markets, by shaping a financially empowered future for them.

We don’t just use our client’s funds to purchase financial assets, we assist them to make value based investment decisions to meet their long-term financial performance targets.


Our focus is on delivery of superior long term investment performance for you.

Our Approach

We manage our client’s assets through separate managed accounts – so as to ensure that our investment approach and solutions are well customized to meet for our client’s objectives.

As a fund management company we assist our clients to:-

Analyse the market
Establish a Financial position
Establish an Investment plan
Invest the funds
Perform due diligence
Manage the portfolio
Report performance
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